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what we do

At Creative Millwork & Design, we create artfully unique, contemporary woodwork crafted according to old world principles, bringing together both style and quality. We manage each project carefully from start to finish, to ensure our customers are not just satisfied, but delighted.

We Listen

Custom Spice Rack Our success starts with listening to our customer’s needs and ideas, and then focusing on bringing those ideas to life.

We Plan


We meticulously plan, measure and create blueprints- and in some cases, models- to ensure that the final result is perfect. Timeframe and budget are laid out so our customers know what to expect and when to expect it.

We Select the Best Materials

pawn table 8x10 300 dpiWe purchase as much ‘local’ product as we can. Each sheet is hand picked for each unique project. At times, we refuse more than we accept in order to maintain that level of excellence. Because the work at Creative Millwork is so personalized, suppliers call us when unique shipments come in.


We do the Install.

Jaye Beeton and the Creative Millwork and Design TeamThis means that we know exactly how the kitchen should fit together and if there are any unforeseen problems, we can take care of it in the moment.

We invite you to look though our online portfolio of kitchens, bathrooms and vanities, and custom furniture. Have an idea you would like to run by us? Do not hesitate to get in touch.