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Jaye green background_flipJaye Beeton, Owner, has been creating artfully unique, quality kitchens in Nova Scotia since 1996. Quality can have many meanings; here is what it means to us at Creative Millwork & Design:

Quality is CUSTOM

Quality begins with a focus on you, the customer. Read the Testimonials from Jaye’s past clients and you will know that Jaye is an expert at bringing client’s ideas to life. Design that expresses your unique tastes and personality and functions according to how you live your life is what Creative Millwork & Design delivers.


Schooled at one of the finest technical colleges and apprenticed under a traditional craftsman, Jaye is an artist. Through persistence and passion, Jaye has perfected the art of hand finishing, traditional edging and joinery. Working with only the finest materials is key; through his relationships with Canadian, European and Russian suppliers, Jaye has access to the most spectacular and unique wood species for use in your project.

Quality is INTEGRITY

Integrity is alignment in what is said, and what is done. This is a common theme among the experiences shared by Jaye’s past clients. Invoices match estimates, timelines hold true, and challenges are managed professionally. Jaye stands behind his word as well as his work, resulting in a delightful customer experience that exceeds expectations.

Quality is ENDURING

Benjamin Franklin said that the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten. Nothing could be truer in the context of designing the hearth space of your home. Choosing Creative Millwork & Design will ensure that you smile each time you enter your kitchen, entertain friends, or enjoy a meal with your family. Making an enduring investment in your kitchen also ensures the appraised value of your home is maximized.